Saturday, June 14, 2008

Velan-time day - It's origin : India.

The Gujarati Story of Valentine

Notwithstanding, what nonsense you've been told by a priest, the truth is that the Valentine's Day originated in India , and to top it, in Gujarat ? It is a known fact that the Gujarati men, especially the Patels don't treat their wives (Patel'anis) with respect. One fine day, it happened to be 14th day of February, one brave Patel'ani had had enough of torture by her husband, then she finally chose to rebel by beating him up with a Velan...

Yeah, the same Velan (rolling pin) with which she made chapattis for him everyday; only this time, instead of the dough, it was the husband who was flattened. This was a momentous occasion for all the Gujarati women and a revolt soon spread, like wild fire, with several housewives beating up their husbands with Velan; and there was an outburst of moaning chapattis all over Anand and Amdavad. The Patel men folk learnt their lesson and behaved a bit better with their Patel'ani partners.

Thenafter, each year that day the womenfolk, as a token gesture, beat up their husbands to commemorate that eventful day, the wives having the satisfaction of beating up their husbands with Velan, and the guys having the supreme joy of submitting to the whims of the women they loved. Soon Gujjos realised that in order to avoid this ordeal they need to bring flowers and gifts for their wives. So the tradition began. As Gujarat fell more under the influence of Western culture that day was called 'Velan time' day. Hence this ritual soon spread to Britain and many other Western countries, specifically, the catch words 'Velan time!'.

Of course in their foreign mouths, it was bastardized to 'Velantime' and then to 'Velantine'. And from that day onwards, 14th of February, came to be known as Valentine's Day.

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